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Proper function of your vessel’s systems is imperative to the safety and enjoyment of you and your passengers.  Unlike your home, your vessel’s systems are subjected to a harsh marine environment and large temperature variations.  Maintenance of many items does not correlate with hours of use, but age.  Periodic (minimum – annual) inspection of systems should be performed.  At KPYY, we want to know our fleet and offer our “Blue Sheet” inspection to our customers at no cost.  The end result is a report card on the condition of your vessel’s systems and recommendations for maintenance or upgrades.  Often times, what you don’t see is what our technicians are trained to look for.  Your season is short, let us help you make the best of it!  These are some of the more common owner-deferred maintenance items we see:

  • Un-lubricated or checked steering linkages
  • Un-serviced packing gland and stuffing boxes
  • Cracked hoses and worn belts
  • Questionable seacock/thru-hull installations
  • Inadequate hose clamping
  • Evidence of small fluid leaks – coolant, oil, exhaust
  • Poor coolant condition and un-serviced heat exchangers
  • Blocked or inadequate airways to engine room
  • Neglected engine and thruster zincs
  • Neglected packing replacement for stuffing boxes
  • Neglected cutlass bearing replacement
  • Failing exhaust elbows
  • Neglected prop service
  • Running boat while out of alignment
  • Tired or failing engine mounts
  • Engine rust
  • Deferred battery conditions
  • Confined space mold
  • Un-serviced AC units
  • Un-serviced lower units
  • Loose/sloppy wiring
  • Trailer wheel bearings
  • Bottom paint failure
  • Expired safety equipment
  • Neglected winches
  • Neglected lifelines
  • Frozen turnbuckles
  • Unsafe halyards
  • Un-serviced furler systems
  • Improperly torqued keel bolts
  • Failing chain plates
Maintenance March 14, 2017