Kittery Point Yacht Yard
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Boat Finishing & Refits

KPYY has built, finished and/or refit a variety of hulls of up to 51 feet.  KPYY is a custom, not production, builder.  We take an approach to these projects independent of our service and repair business.  Our philosophy is simple – the enjoyment of building or refitting an older boat should be equal or greater than the enjoyment in its ultimate use. We first validate the integrity of each hull as the right foundation for the intended use of the vessel, new or used.  Then we build it to meet those needs and incorporate the desired finish that makes each boat unique to its owner.  We do this with a phased approach that matches the timeline and budget with expected and continual owner involvement.

Complete refits and new builds involve the yard’s expertise and teamwork in multiple departments.  At launching, all involved take pride in final sea trials and system checks.  In the end, new friendships are forged as it takes a special collaboration of talent, ideas and personalities to create something that is truly unique and inspiring.

Holland 32 finish — Lady Erin

Holland 32 refit — August West 


Wilbur 34 refit — Blue Skies


Patten Yachts

The Patten 22 is an infusion of traditional, Maine-inspired, classic lines, and a modern performing bottom within an outboard design.  Available in both a Fisherman and Picnic model, these boats are custom built at KPYY.