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Resurfacing & Painting

The exterior finish of your vessel is a reflection of its overall condition and the owner’s level of care.  If your boat’s aesthetics look deferred, an assumption can be made that all else is as well.  Be it varnish, gel coat, or paint, every type of surface minimally requires correct annual maintenance to keep your boat looking like new.  Use of improper or inferior products and application methods will accelerate the deterioration of your vessel’s surface.  Our team of experts will restore your existing surfaces or recreate new ones and advise you on proper maintenance going forward.

Gel Coat – This is the predominant surface material on new boats.  For builders, it results in a great finish out of the mold with the advantage of easily repairing/buffing out any imperfections.  This also holds true for owners in repairing minor scuffs and scratches.  Over time, from exposure to the elements, the surface will fade – the darker the color, the faster the fade.  A faded hull can be buffed out and returned to its original shine for a season, but in time will fade again.  Eventually, your surface will require re-application or painting.

Paint – ‘Awlgrip’ has become a generic term in the marine industry for hull painting.  Paint is harder and less porous than gel coat, thus has better sheen and color retention properties.  In addition, paint is easier and less costly to apply than gel coat.  There are several different paint manufacturers to choose from, each offering several products with their own characteristics and preferred application approaches.  Whether you have a fiberglass, aluminum, or wooden hull, we can help you make the right decision.

Varnish – Like paint, there are a myriad of products to choose from, all with their own claims.  Several advances have been made over the last few years in varnish products and application methods.  When done right, there is nothing more beautiful than the deep, rich luster of fine brushed varnish on a piece of mahogany or teak.  That said, the continuous maintenance to preserve this finish is very time consuming or costly.  Let us talk to you about our alternative application approaches that can significantly reduce annual maintenance without compromising the traditional look.  For those who demand 12 coats of fine brushed piano-grade varnish, we have some of the best hands in the business.

Our areas of expertise include:
  • Gel coat and paint repairs
  • Gel coat matching
  • Existing gel coat refinishing
  • Spray application gel coat
  • Paint finishes
  • Spray clear coating
  • Mast painting
  • Interior painting
  • Bilge coating
  • Engine painting
  • Hull re-fairing
  • Roll and tipped brush application
  • Wood stripping and epoxy sealing
  • Fine brushed varnish
  • Wood staining and grain re-creation
  • Name and hail painting
  • Boot and cove stripe replacement
  • Vinyl lettering application