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If you are a sailor, you know the most critical component of your vessel above the water is the integrity of your rig.  Conditions on the seas are variable, the condition of your rigging cannot be.  A cracked swage, broken sheave, or frayed halyard could result in catastrophic failure.  Regular inspection of your rigging is vital, not only for the performance of your vessel, but for the safety of your crew.  Our professional riggers will inspect the condition of your rig from the keel bolt torque settings to the mast head gear.

Whether you are a competitive racer, blue water or a day sailor, we will inspect and tune your rig to your specific use.  Our areas of expertise include:

  • Wire and rod rigging inspections
  • Customized rig tuning
  • Swaging and custom halyard splicing
  • Standing and running rigging upgrades
  • Hydraulic upgrades (main and furling systems)
  • Lifeline fabrication and installation
  • Electric winch conversions and servicing
  • Turnbuckle maintenance
  • Sail modification
  • Custom furler systems
  • Mast modification
  • Mast step fabrication
  • Chain plate fortification
  • Lightning protection
  • Bermuda race qualification
  • Transatlantic vessel preparation
  • Sail and rigging design
  • Custom canvas