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Our line of Westerbeke marine diesel engines range from 12hp to 66hp. Westerbeke engines represent over 75 years of industry leading experience in auxiliary marine propulsion. Exclusively designed for demanding marine applications, our marine engines represent a breakthrough in compactness, quietness, and reliability. Used by the most prestigious sailboat builders, thousands of Westerbeke marine engines have been installed in boats for pleasure, commercial and government use.

12D Two

  • 12HP
  • 3000rpm
  • 2 Cylinder
  • Weight (225lbs)
  • 50amp Alternator
  • 24.5”(L)x20”(W)x20.3”(H)
  • Compact, economical, reliable

30C Three

  • 25HP
  • 3600rpm
  • 3 Cylinder
  • Weight (274lbs)
  • 50amp Alternator
  • 29”(L)x20”(W)x20.4”(H)
  • Compact, high power to weight ratio

35E Three

  • 28HP
  • 3000rpm
  • 3 Cylinder
  • Weight (386lbs)
  • 50amp Alternator
  • 30.6”(L)x21.3”(W)x22.6”(H)
  • Powerful, Reliable, Quiet

44C Four

  • 38HP
  • 3000rpm
  • 4 Cylinder
  • Weight (416lbs)
  • 50amp Alternator
  • 34.1”(L)x21.3”(W)x23”(H)
  • 4-cycle Smooth, Quiet, Reliable

55D Four

  • 48HP
  • 2600rpm
  • 4 Cylinder
  • Weight (448lbs)
  • 50amp Alternator
  • 35.4”(L)x21.3”(W)x24”(H)
  • 4-cycle Smooth, Exceptional torque

65B Four

  • 66HP
  • 2600rpm
  • 4 Cylinder
  • Weight (730lbs)
  • 72amp Alternator
  • 40.9”(L)x25.3”(W)x27.9”(H)
  • 4 cycle-Smooth, Quiet, Powerful

Marine Engine Selection Guide:

Westerbeke Marine Diesel Generators

Quietly Leading the Way!  With over 75 years dedicated to developing diesel generators for the marine environment, Westerbeke has always been one step ahead of the competition. Designed exclusively for marine applications, out diesel generators represent a breakthrough in compactness, quietness and reliability that has been the choice of the most prestigious yards and builders.

Our models range from the the three cylinder 5.5KW to the four cylinder 33KW D-NET, the first NMEA 2000 certified electronic diesel generator. Factory-fitted with a NMEA 2000® databus, Westerbeke’s D-NET™ diesel generators provide owners a much more efficient wiring option, since all certified NMEA 2000® components can connect to a single cable. This cable not only supplies power, but integrates all onboard data communication through an array of certified controls, instruments, navigation systems and displays. Along with improved monitoring and control, D-NET™ generators reduce the need for running bundles of complex wiring throughout a boat, saving on cost and weight, while also simplifying and speeding installation of most electronic components.