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Yard Policies

Owner Performed Work

We understand many owners enjoy performing certain levels of maintenance and repair work to their boats.  Our Eliot facility is ‘open’ to maintenance-type owner performed work on vessels stored outside within the guidelines of our Yard Policies.  However, due to its smaller size and the proximity of working areas to the waterfront, our Kittery facility is ‘closed’ to owner performed work while vessels are in winter storage.

Please see our Yard Policies below.  If there is a question where the policy is not black and white, simply ask us.

Yard Policies

As a registered “Clean Marina,” KPYY adheres to a written set of EPA-endorsed BMPs (Best Management Practices) for the marine industry.  Boat yards, given their waterfront and often downhill locations, are point sources of pollution.  Following our BMPs ensures the protection of our grounds and shorefront, ultimately minimizing our impact to our waterways.

By EPA Law, all byproduct from cleaning boat bottoms must be recaptured, recycled, meet strict test requirements, and be properly disposed of.  All states must meet these EPA requirements. This is because bottom cleaning results in releasing elevated levels of pesticides and toxins within the paint. Having the bottom of your boat cleaned in the water without an EPA approved filtering device is illegal and subject to significant fines.   The intent of the law is to protect our water and marine life from concentrated exposure to these toxins.  KPYY has made significant investments in closed loop bottom washing containment systems that capture and filter this water.  KPYY is one of only a few yards in the state of Maine that has achieved the Clean Marinas “Gold” standard.

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